About us

ASPASIA-92 LTD. is specialized in manufacturing soft drinks. Our factory is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

One of the company`s main goals has always been to meet customers’ needs by providing high quality drinks at a good price. Therefore, we are constantly investing in new technological improvements. Today the factory has modern production facilities and laboratory that give us the opportunity for constant monitoring and control on raw materials as well as on the manufactured products.
The certificate of International Featured Standard (IFS)which we obtained in 2016 is a proof that quality is our main priority.

We are proud that the Bulgarian Soft Drinks Associations has awarded us seven prizes, but we are even more satisfied when our products are appreciated by our loyal customers.

ASPASIA is also a loyal employer to almost 100 individuals who prefer the company because of its responsible actions and personal attitude towards each of them. The company is also appreciated as a loyal supplier because we value honesty and quality.
In addition to its domestic market, ASPASIA also manufactures products for the international market.


About ASPASIA-92


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