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Dear clients and partners, welcome in the world of ASPASIA.
ASPASIA – 92 LTD is a Bulgarian company, specialized in the production and trade of soft drinks. The first production of the drinks was in 1992. The factory is located in Sofia.
We produce the following product categories: carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, ice tea, energy drinks and table water. 
The company has modern production facilities - equipped with advanced installations, equipment, bottling lines and machines for blowing bottles. The production technology follows the most inovative laws of the market, allowing regular monitoring and control of the product quality. We have built a modern laboratory for testing of raw materials and production. The introduction of HACCP system for continuous process control is another important factor, which places our company between the leaders in the soft drinks market.
Each and every ingredient in our drinks is carefully selected and dosed with high accuracy. The raw materials, which beeing are used, are approved by the Bulgarian and world producers. At the entrance of our production, takes place strict control on all raw materials and packaging. The water, which is placed in all our beverages, is filtrated by the method of reverse osmosis, wchich allows at the end of the process, only the molecule of the water, to reach the secure drink, ensuring delicious and crystal clear taste.
The main goal of the company has always been to meet the needs of our customers by creating high quality drinks at a reasonable price. That is why for  the last 22 years we have continuously invested in market researches and technology developments for  the production of soft drinks.
Fair and open approach to all of the company partners, allows us today  to be a contacted and valuable supplier in Bulgaria and abroad. Our company is proud to be an owner of the seven awards, given by the Association of the Soft Drinks Manufacturers in Bulgaria. The real satisfaction of our work however we find in the recognition of all our loyal and happy customers, who have always gifted us with their  gratification through years of perfect taste without any calories.
Over the years, „ASPASIA - 92“ Ltd. build its team through high standards of professionalism at every level. When you open a drink with the brand ASPASIA, we guarantee that you can count on:
 High quality products and ingredients input in it;
 Perfect flavor and low calories;
 Useful health product suitable for the whole family;
 Rich flavor, that brings joy, refreshment and tonus;
 Love and care is the secret ingredient, which we put  in every drink , made in our factories.
With us you can find a honest partner or simply can rely on quality producer - we produce to deliver you pleasure.
The team of ASPASIA
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